The UTU Software Engineering Laboratory provides on-premises hosting of the ShareLaTeX platform. To use the service, first register as a new user.

The following step-wise guide describes the process of exporting the thesis template from the GitLab to ShareLaTeX. Exporting to Overleaf differs slightly, but this instruction can be applied.

Step 1: Export the document template

First, export the 'thesis' project (direct link).

Step 2: Store the zip file locally

Step 3: Create a new project

Click the 'New Project' button in the ShareLaTeX project view.

Step 4: Upload the project template

Upload the zip file generated in the Step 2 as the project template.

Step 5: Delete unnecessary files

The following files are not required when using ShareLaTeX:

  • the tests/ folder
  • the .devcontainer folder
  • all the *.lyx, *.layout, and *.pdf files in latex/
  • .gitignore
  • .giblab-ci.yml
  • .giblab-ci-simple.yml
  • Dockerfile
  • latex/Makefile

❗ Please note that in order to use Minted (source code listings) or acronyms properly, all the files in the latex/ directory need to moved to the project root. This will later prevent any possible issues with file paths in generated auxiliary files. ❗

Step 6: Set up the main document

In the Settings view, select the thesis.tex as the new main document.

One can also choose between the XeLaTeX and pdfLaTeX rendering engines in this menu.

Step 7: Recompile the main document

Click on the thesis.tex line in the directory listing (leftmost view), then click Recompile (rightmost view).


Now, the system has been set up to compile TeX documents. Next, you can continue to the second quick tutorial that will demonstrate the use of typical features required in a thesis document. There are also further instructions for using and configuring the template.